$200 million later, why are St. Pete’s poor black neighborhoods worse off?

The predominantly black, high-poverty neighborhoods south of Central Avenue have long attracted politicians courting voters with plans to turn them around.Improving the neighborhoods he dubbed Midtown was key to former Mayor Rick Baker’s vision in 2001 of a “Seamless City” where persistent racial and economic inequities would melt away. Thirteen years later, newly elected Mayor […]

Realtor couple take to heart the advice they give to clients when preparing their home for sale

Realtor/homeowner Patricia Hanly has a collection of 350 teapots, most of them English and nearly all bought from the potters who crafted them in various villages all over Great Britain. She’s reluctantly packed away all but about a dozen in preparation for the sale of her cottage-style home on Bougainvillea Street in Sarasota. She and […]

The mall isn’t dead. It’s alive and well in Tampa’s Hyde Park Village | Tampa Bay Times

Its charming open-air streets and slew of high end restaurants and boutiques made it the shopping destination in the entire Tampa Bay region. But when International Plaza opened in 2001, it took many of Hyde Park’s long-standing tenants with it. The village struggled for years as new owners came and went without investing much in […]