How to get results from insurance carriers

Q: Our condominium sustained significant damage from Hurricane Irma.  It has been a year and our insurance carrier is offering a settlement that is woefully inadequate to address our damages.  We have been advised that we have window damage and the roofs must be replaced.  The insurance carrier is ignoring our demands. What do we do? T.C., Naples

A: It is hard to believe that Hurricane Irma was a year ago, but your question is unfortunately still a common question. Many insurance carriers are denying coverage, breaching the insurance policy requirements, or taking no action to delay the claim adjustment. On top of that, Southwest Florida received numerous roofing and water remediation contractors from all over the country that formed in Florida in October 2017. In this atmosphere, a few of our condominium clients had great experiences with their contractors and insurance carriers, but the more common experience is frustration and delay.

Our firm employs a team of attorneys and staff that are devoted solely to assisting condominium and homeowners’ associations with their insurance claims. In part, this is because the frustration and delay has reached a critical point and the boards need to compel action to repair their communities.

Source: How to get results from insurance carriers