Realtor couple take to heart the advice they give to clients when preparing their home for sale

Realtor/homeowner Patricia Hanly has a collection of 350 teapots, most of them English and nearly all bought from the potters who crafted them in various villages all over Great Britain. She’s reluctantly packed away all but about a dozen in preparation for the sale of her cottage-style home on Bougainvillea Street in Sarasota. She and […]

Here are the Miami neighborhoods fetching the highest and lowest real estate prices in 2017

The overall cost of buying a home in South Florida continues to climb, according to a report released Thursday reflecting sales prices in the first quarter of 2017. But prices vary significantly by neighborhood.In mainland Miami-Dade, the median sales price for all condos and single-family homes rose 12.5 percent over the first quarter in 2016. […]