A British-style conservatory makes this Sarasota home unique

Most Florida homeowners’ familiarity with the glass room known as a conservatory begins and ends with the crime-solving board game Clue. You know, Col. Mustard did it with the candlestick in the conservatory. But Sarasota homeowners Marta and Chuck Swanson have made an authentic upper-level conservatory the centerpiece of their home.The room with a wraparound glass wall and glass ceiling at the back of the house is cantilevered over an outdoor kitchen and offers a nearly unobstructed view of their yard’s naturalistic swimming pool, lush landscaping, hot tub which they use nearly every night, wildlife and dock.

Beyond the yard, the Swansons have an unobstructed view of the Roberts Bay inlet and the Intracoastal Waterway. The house in Oyster Bay is now on the market for $2,495,000 through the Peter G. Laughlin Group of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty.

via A British-style conservatory makes this Sarasota home unique.